Removal/Deportation Defense

Emily Love represents people from throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, and Northern Indiana before the Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois. She has defended people facing deportation or removal from the U.S. since she began practicing immigration law in 1993, both by contesting their deportability or presenting their defense from removal to the Immigration Court.

Emily Love has successfully defended Respondents facing deportation to countries throughout the world. She has won numerous cases in Immigration Court and at the Board of Immigration Appeals by successfully proving that someone was not deportable, or by successfully presenting an application for relief from deportation or removal.

Examples of some of the types of cases she has won include the following: Adjustment of Status based on family or employer sponsorship; Political Asylum; Cancellation of Removal; and Suspension of Deportation. She has successfully obtained waivers for applicants previously barred from immigration or subject to removal based on entry without inspection; visa overstays; criminal convictions; and misrepresentation/fraud.

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